Chicago Keyword Analysis

  • Keywords are one of the mose important parts of search engine optimization. There are many elements to having top rankings, most of which are covered by our keyword optimization analysis report.

    We have found that one of the best way to mark your optimization progress is to start with base line results that compare your site to other sites on multiple search engines and then check your rankings periodically to track your optimization results progress.

    We provide a ranking for twenty-five keyword phrases compared on four URL's with four search engines in one report for $19.95. You can compare one page (home page or any other) with three of your competitors or if you have multiple sites, check your rankings on up to four of them. Note: Words not found in the top 50 on a site,  will not appear in the results. The four search engines your keywords will be checked on are Google, Yahoo/MSN and Ask.

    You can order your first report as a baseline prior to making changes to improve your rankings. Follow up reports are a great way to evaluate the changes you have made as they will include results from prior report and show you how the ranking of each keyword phrase has changed.

    We can import the keywords (max 25) from your URL or you can send us a text file with each keyword phrase separated by a comma.

    The cost for your report is $14.95 for your first report and $9.95 for any follow ups you order for the same keywords and URL's. Your custom report will be available for downloading within 24hrs of submitting your request. The tools we use have been developed over years and are continually evolving. These are some of the same tools and techniques we use when  optimizing our client's sites.