Chicago Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Not sure pay-per-click advertising works? We can give you 500 reasons why it does. That’s how many sales one client made using our PPC services – in one quarter. Be front and center when your prospects are ready to buy.

    • Proven ROI results since 2003 across a wide range of industries
      Managing more than 1 million combined keywords
      Complete programs — strategy, research, content, bid management, analysis
      Landing page design and optimization
      Standalone PPC or complete marketing services integration

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  • Maximize Your ROI with State of the Art Pay-Per-Click Online Positioning

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a search engine marketing approach that allows you to attract active prospects searching the Internet for products or services you provide. Through a complex bidding and ad quality process, your ad displays on relevant searches. Users click through your ad to a landing page specifically designed to address their search criteria and convert through a call to action response. A fee is assessed every time a user clicks on your ad.

    Consumers and businesses use online search overwhelmingly when looking for products and services of all kinds. As a result, PPC programs must be carefully developed, executed, and tracked in order to be effective.

    Straight North’s proven strategies and techniques work to increase lead flow and new customers. We provide in-depth research on your industry, keywords, messaging, landing page designs and conversion methodology, as well as budget and bidding management and reporting. We continually make adjustments to your PPC strategy and campaigns to keep you ahead of your online competition. PPC campaigns are expensive, and if not executed and managed properly, can result in lost opportunities and a wasted financial investment. Practicing in the PPC market space will be very costly – Straight North has the track record and expertise to delivers results.

    PPC Services from Leviathan PC

    • A Personal Account Manager
      Strategy Development
      Landing Page and Content Creation
      Automated Bid Management
      Budget Analysis
      Keyword Research
      Keyword Editing
      Frequent, Consistent Client Contact
      Competitive Intelligence and Analysis
      Comprehensive Sales Tracking
      Detailed Reporting