Chicago Web Consulting

  • Businesses often face vital decisions about their online marketing plans.

  • What is the best, most cost-effective solution?
    What solution will help build your business?
    How do you know if you're making a worthwhile investment?
  • Leviathan PC helps answer these questions for clients to develop an effective online strategy that fits their needs. Following a consistent process, we research your competitors, identify your short- and long-term goals, review the technologies you currently use, and conduct a situational analysis. After generating ideas, we offer recommendations about appropriate technologies to use and methods for translating your brand to the online world. To help you make a decision, we can present the results of our consultation in a creative brief for you and your business team to review. If you have other questions that need answers, Leviathan PC will consult with you and study any marketing or technology issues critical to your business, from website redesigns, to email or content management systems, and search engine optimization.